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A full-time high school program dedicated to
career development in the esports/gaming industry.

Meta student Virtual Reality Headset Ima

We infuse the industry's talent pipeline with diverse, confident graduates already equipped with robust experience, leadership readiness, emotional intelligence, and empowerment necessary to succeed! 

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We are less of a school and more of a “future dream career incubator”

About Meta


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Meta is a full-time high school designed by gamers, for gamers that provides individualized, accredited high school instruction via blended learning format and cutting-edge, curated group learning within experiential portfolio pathways in areas such as esports business and entrepreneurship, content creation & design, event coordination & production, athlete/team development and coaching, and web/game development. 


Rather than pursuing your passions
in your 
“spare” time after school,
let your experiences become
your full-time school. 

Who should join 

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META recognizes the tremendous opportunity for high school students who are passionate about gaming and esports and seeks to provide the space and opportunity for them to earn their high school diploma while pursuing their passion and growing their talents. Whether you’re a competitive esports player, aspiring caster, future game developer, or want to market and promote the next big game - we’ve curated everything you could possibly need to make your dreams a reality. 

Industy Mentors

Job Ready




Social Emotional




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